The goal of WP7 is to ensure that SCOPE activities will maximize its impact.

In this frame a strategy of dissemination, exploitation and communication has been outlined to reach the following target groups:

  • the Scientific and clinical Community, with a specific focus on the geriatric and nephrologist community, but also to other medical and non‐medical Health Care Professionals that are involved in the care of older subjects; 
  • the general older population and in particular older patients' representative organisations, both at European level (e.g. Age Platform Europe and the European Patient Forum), national and local level;
  • the EC and its bodies that will be directly involved and constantly updated during the entire duration of the project. Furthermore, the dissemination in this area is of relevant importance since "screening" is part of the Pillar A: prevention, screening and early diagnosis of the European Innovation Partnership: Active & Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA); 
  • the healthcare decision makers at national and local level;
  • the industry with specific reference to diagnostic medical devices as well those developing technological instruments and solutions for the older population are also target entities for communication;

The WP7 specific objectives are:

  • to disseminate project concept and results to the relevant target groups;
  • to increase public awareness by reaching a broader general public;
  • to proactively engage the audience;
  • to facilitate the uptake of ideas and results by health systems.

WP Leader: Medical University of Graz