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The goal of WP1 is to carry out the activities of overall management, to organize the governance of the

project, and to provide administrative oversight and support to WPs 2 to 7.

The WP1 specific objectives are:

  • to maintain the governance structure of SCOPE, managing the overall project implementation and coordinating partners activities; 
  • to monitor that scientific, technical and managerial decisions are made during all phases of the work plan and to track the performance and the scientific quality of the project according to plans and timelines;
  • to perform financial and administrative tasks towards the EU Commission according to Art. 41.2 (let b), including:
  • issuing progress reports and budget reviews as specified in the Grant Agreement;
  • overseeing funding allocation and ensuring that the project stays within budget;
  • to organise meetings and workshops and to ensure reporting of meetings;
  • to implement procedures to facilitate communication among the SCOPE partners.

WP Leader: Istituto Nazionale di Riposo e Cura degli Anziani