The UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL OF BELLVITGE (HUB) is a university teaching hospital under public ownership that belongs to the Catalan Health Institute (ICS). Located in the city of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, in the southern part of the Health Region of Barcelona, ICS-HUB serves an estimated population of 1.300.000 inhabitants, approximately 18% of the total population of Catalonia. ICS- HUB serves nearly 125,000 emergency patients and has more than 360,000 outpatient visits, performs over 137,000 tests to more than 20,000 consultations and interventions, including surgery and high complexity interventions . Staff at the Internal Medine (GERiatric Unit) and Nephrology Department combines clinical care and research in order to continuously improve the treatment we are providing to our older population. We have conducted some research projects in aging and nephropathy. We are interested in succesful aging (Formiga Fet al, Rejuvenation research 2013) and epigentic of aging ( Heyn H, Li N, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 ). Part of the research of the Nephrology Unit is currently underway as we are active members of the European Consortium Syskid funded by EU-FP7. Our team is also interested in the pathogenic role of the TORC1 pathway in renal hypertrophy. Internal Medicine and Nephrology Department are also very active in clinical investigation (both investigator-driven and phase II-III industry-driven) clinical trials. 


Project OCTABAIX: We determine the proportion of CKD in a sample of 321, 85-year-old community-dwelling subjects, and assess the association of socio-demographic data, global geriatric assessment data and comorbidity with CKD according to the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of subjects. Serum creatinine, eGFR (derived in ml/min/1.73 m(2) using the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease formula), socio-demographic variables, the Barthel Index (BI), the Spanish version of the Mini-Mental State Examination (MEC), the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA), the Charlson Index, the Gait Rating Scale, social risk, quality of life and prevalent chronic diseases were collected.


Major facilities include: Biomedical Imaging Lab, Biomechanical Testing Lab.


Francesc Formiga Perez: Professor Formiga is the program director of geriatrics at HUB, is a national leader in geriatrics assessment and the topic of renal failure in the elderly. He has over 250 publications in pub med in in peer-reviewed journals and has received various scholarships funded. He is currently the editor of the Revista Española de geríatria y gerontologia and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona.

Jose María CRuzado: Prof. Cruzado is currently the Head of the Renal Transplant Unit, Nephrology Departmet at the University Hospital of Bellvitge in Barcelona. He is also Teaching & Research Coordinator and Elected Councilor for the Spanish Society of Nephrology. He is secretary of the Research Committee at the Bellvitge Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona. He is a Board member of the ERA-EDTA Scientific Working Group DIABESITY. His research interests span transplantation immunology, extended criteria donors, renal tissue regeneration and diabetic nephropathy. He has authored more than 150 clinical and experimental papers in peer-reviewed medical journals (H-index 29).

Abelardo Montero: Dr. Montero is an internal medicine specialist with extensive experience in geriatrics, geriatric assessment and kidney failure. It has multiple conference papers and over 20 articles in PubMed in peer-reviewed medical journals.

David Chivite: Dr. Chivite is an internal medicine specialist with extensive experience in geriatrics, geriatric assessment and kidney failure. It has multiple conference papers and over 50 articles in PubMed in peer-reviewed journals. 

Carme Cabot: Ms. Cabot was graduated as a Nurse in the 1989 (University of Barcelona). He was specialist in Geriatrics and currently works in the program for older people in the Bellvitge University Hospital. He got the Master of Social Gerontology (University of Barcelona, 1993).


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