The Italian National Centre on Health and Science on Aging (INRCA) is an Italian public health organisation with about 1,100 employees. National and Regional Health funds, as well as European research funds, are its main sources of funding. Its headquarter is based in Ancona, with branches operating in three Italian Regions (Marche, Lombardia, Calabria), through four geriatric hospitals, an Alzheimer day care centre, a nursing home and a multidisciplinary Scientific and Technology Research Facility.

Amongst a network of 45 centres funded by the Italian Ministry of Health to carry out research beyond their traditional care tasks, INRCA is the only institute specifically focused on geriatric and gerontological topics in Italy. This peculiar position allows INRCA to carry out high-quality clinical and translational research in biomedical and health care services areas, as well as to provide evidence and recommendations to private and public institutions concerning the socio-economic impact of ageing. Given its dual role within the national health research network and in the Regional Health Services (“Sistemi Sanitari Regionali”), INRCA aims at:

  1. achieving the highest research standards through the implementation of translational research and clinical trials (in order to increase the evidence-base regarding care interventions outcomes);
  2. being an excellence centre for geriatric research and care at a regional, national and international level;
  3. increasing know-how in geriatric care, guaranteeing also “intergenerational” knowledge transfer between senior and junior professionals;
  4. implementing translation research “from bench to bedside and viceversa”, working in close relations with the Universities and the other National Health Service Units.

In addition, INRCA promotes the implementation of innovative models of geriatric care in different settings, such as home care, nursing home care and post-acute care. Thanks to the involvement in many European and international projects, INRCA has established longstanding contacts with users’ organizations at a national and European level, such as:

  • AGE Platform Europe;
  • Alzheimer Europe;
  • European Federations of Trade Unions of Retired Persons;
  • European Associations for the Rights of Ill Persons.


The Nephrology Department at INRCA is organized within an integrated clinical care process for Advanced CKD management including multidisciplinary expertise from nephrologist, geriatrician, nurses, social workers and palliative care providers. INRCA hospital has an established independent research infrastructure that encompasses basic, translational and clinical research department, with all the required infrastructures to perform phase II to IV clinical trials, including full laboratory and imaging equipment.

The established Biogerontology Lab at INRCA provides infrastructures and expertise to store, preserve and manage biological samples.

INRCA has an independent Ethical Committee within its premises. The Scientific Director at INRCA is responsible for the management of all the research activities in the Institute. Within the Scientific Direction of INRCA have been established a Clinical Trial Office (to provide support to clinical researches at the Institute) and a European Project Office, which provides guidance and support to all researchers involved in European research activities.

INRCA in the last five years has managed over 3 million € of European research funding and has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) and the Institution is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation.


Dr. Fabrizia Lattanzio: MD, PhD, MSc, geriatrician, since 2008 is the Scientific Director of the Italian National Centre on Health and Science on Aging. She has a long-standing experience in geriatric research projects in various setting, as Principal Investigator. She has over 180 publications indexed in Medline. Dr. Lattanzio is member of the National Joint Committee of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics and Italian Society of Nephrology aimed at promoting innovative studies and guidelines for treatment of older people with CKD.

Dr. Andrea Corsonello: MD, degree in Geriatric Medicine, since July 2009 is responsible of the Unit of Geriatric Pharmacoepidemiology of INRCA. He has an extensive experience in geriatric pharmacoepidemiology and clinical research, including kidney diseases and aging.

Dr. Carlos Chiatti: M.Sc. PhD., Epidemiologist and health economist. He is a researcher at the Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Aging (INRCA) since 2008, where he has worked in the field of health services research and HTA. Since 2011 he is also visiting researcher at Lund University in Sweden.

Dr. Silvia Bustacchini: MD, MSc, degree in Clinical Pharmacology, since April 2009 is responsible of the Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Office of INRCA. She has a previous experience in pharmaceutical industries, dealing with drug development and medical support.

Dr. Roberta Galeazzi: Bio-gerontologist working a the Chemical Analytical Laboratory at INRCA.

Dr. Stefano Della Bella: MD, Nephrologist, Director of the Nephrology Care Unit at INRCA.

Dr. Mauro Provinciali: MD, Director of the Advanced Technology Center for Aging Research at INRCA.

Dr. Anna Rita Bonfigli: Senior Researcher working at the Clinical Trials Office and Research Quality Management of the Scientific Direction at INRCA.

Dr. Giuseppina Di Stefano: Senior Researcher working at the Clinical Trials Office and Research Quality Management of the Scientific Direction at INRCA.


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