The SCOPE first resutls have been published on the Journal of Clinical Medicine review. 

The article Clinical Implications of Estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate with Three Different Equations among Older People. Preliminary Results of the Project “Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease among Older People across Europe (SCOPE)” is available at the following link

The SCOPE partnership published a new article titled "Massive open online courses (MOOCs) for long-distance education in geriatric medicine across Europe
A pilot project launched by the consortium of the project “Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease among Older People”: SCOPE project" on on the European Geriatric Medicine review.

The article is available at the following link

The SCOPE MOOC (Massive open online courses), thanks to the strong collaboration with the Medicine Univeristy of Graz, developed the MOOC to cover the increasing need for professional knowledge, skills and competences in the care of older people, new learning techniques.

The SCOPE MOOC aims at closing gaps of basic knowledge addressing CKD in old age and its implications for medical management of older patients in general. It will address pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie CKD, will explain diagnostic pathways for kidney function with a focus on older patients and will explain the complex care management in a case-based way.

The course is divided into three different modules. The completion of all modules allow to collect 1,0 European Credit (ECTS). Following registration learners attend three different courses of 10-15 minutes. Additionally, information material is provided together with the videos. It is expected that students undergo a short self-assessment of each sub-topic (course), answering 4 multiple choice questions (MCQs), either Typ-A or Pick-N style. Self-assessment may be repeated up to a maximum of 5 times. In order to receive a participation acknowledgement at least 75% have to be reached at each quiz. Finally, an evaluation of the course is requested from participants for quality assurance of the training course. With provision of the feedback participants agree with an anonymous statistical workup and publication of evaluations.

For more information visit the platform iMOOX to visit the SCOPE MOOC.

The first Alps-Adriatic Conference on Active and Healthy Ageing took place on May 9th and 10th in south-eastern Styria. Besides presentations and interesting discussions in the field of active and healthy ageing in an international context (Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia) an exhibition area invited interested guests to share their knowledge, exchange information and build new networks. The Medical University of Graz was represented within an information booth and gave insights into the SCOPE study.

From April 25th to 27th, the Congress of the Austrian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology took place in Vienna. One major program point was the SCOPE Symposium that took place on the first day. Thematic issues of the talks covered kidneys and the ageing process in the practice management, the European guidelines for chronic renal insufficiency as well as information about the SCOPE study.