Study flow chart of SCOPE

Early identification and management of patients with a chronic kidney disease (CKD) is of paramount importance to implement interventions aimed at slowing the progression of kidney disease and delaying the onset of its complications. Despite this, a comprehensive methodology for CKD screening among older adults, taking into account the numerous functional dimensions that CKD is able to impair, does not currently exist.

The specific objectives of the SCOPE project will be to assess existing methodologies for CKD screening among older adults using real-life data from a cohort of 75+ older patients and to investigate potentially useful application of existing and innovative biomarkers of CKD in older people. Furthermore, cost-effectiveness of existing and innovative CKD screening strategies in a population at high risk of developing kidney function decline and ESRD (including the novel application of existing biomarkers, the use of innovative ones, and CGA tools) will be evaluated.

The SCOPE project will therefore evaluate the impact of current screening strategies for CKD in the older population, in terms of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and quality of life, but will also investigate the impact of an innovative comprehensive screening methodology specifically targeting CKD among older people across Europe. Built on this strong evidence the SCOPE Consortium will formulate European recommendations and guidelines and will establish a European educational program in this field.

Ambitions of SCOPE:

  • Improve screening for CKD in an older population and its related complications.
  • Compare current screening measures with innovative biomarkers of kidney filtration in regards to their accuracy in predicting outcomes.
  • Assess screening methodologies including the use of CGA for the global evaluation of functional and nutritional status.
  • Develop a European recommendations” for CKD screening and management for older people.
  • Develop a European education program